Sunday, 22 January 2017

Off Piste

Yesterday John, John Cox and Gordon and I skied from the top of Le Giettaz down to Praz Sur Arly.  There were surprisingly few tracks and no-one had gone the way we went so we had fresh snow.  Even through the trees the snow was light and fluffy.   At the top the snow had crystallised into large frozen flakes which glittered in the sun.  Skiing through them made a swishy sound, completely different from skiing through fresh powder.  It was huge fun.   Lower down as we came to the road the snow had got heavier and was more like breakable crust, which is not enjoyable.  We were aiming to catch the bus.   As we got nearer the bottom there was the continuous sound of a horn.   It was very loud like a foghorn.   The horn on the bus had got stuck and the driver didn't know how to fix it.  John Cox said he should have pulled the fuse out but didn't feel that he could offer to do it for him.  Eventually another bus turned up driven by a very jolly guy who had no facility to take money so we had a free ride.  He was in a tearing hurry to get passengers down to Sallanches station to catch a train so drove into the bus garage past the no entry sign and then illegally turned left onto the road.  I bet they caught the train!
In the afternoon John went off to ski with the staff but I stayed with John C and Gordon and we skied off the back of Jaillet down to Cordon.  Very few people had done that as you need a lift at the bottom.  Carol turned up to collect us, otherwise we would have had a very long wait for the bus.
Today was more overcast and we all felt tired so we had a rather lazy day.  I went round a few more restaurants on Rochebrune to update the mountain restaurant guide.  The prices stay fairly constant, but what I am interested is if the restaurant had changed hands or has got more expensive.  I still have to finish Jaillet and Mont D'Arbois.  
This is a photo of me at the top of Rochebrune, showing the brilliant blue sky and lovely piste.

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