Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Mont Blanc

This is a photo of Mont Blanc with what looks like another mountain range behind.  It is in fact wind blown snow from the summit.  Our friend, Neville Porteous, who is out for the whole season,  took this photo from the Croix de Christ chair.  As you can see it was a lovely sunny morning, though cold.  It has now clouded over and more snow is forecast for this evening.  We attempted a little off piste.   Down Mont Joux was OK but we tried the off-piste in the Croix de Christ bowl - MISTAKE - we skied over rocks, frozen grass and even breakable crust, with the result that both Neville and I have gouges in our skis. We should know better.  The pistes however are in perfect condition with a good covering of fresh snow.  Perhaps the off-piste will be better tomorrow if the forecast snow arrives. 

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