Friday, 20 January 2017

Staff lunch

Today we had a staff lunch at the Dahu which was very jolly.   We had thought of going to the Gouet but Rory sadly broke his collar bone on Monday skiing with the Unthank Ski Club and it was impossible for him to get there.  He is still in a lot of pain so it took a lot of determination on his part to get there. I'm hoping someone will have some photos so I can post them later.  Afterwards we skied with some of the braver skiers and boarders and Mark (who has had about 10 days on real snow but was doing really well) off piste down to the bottom of the Princess lift.  That was a lot of fun but they left us to go the Folie Douce.  I think they were tempted by the idea of dancing on the tables.
John Cox is out for a few days until Monday.  We skied with him and Gordon and Neville the last couple of days, mainly on piste as most of the off piste is skied out.  We've found the odd bit to play around in.  He is starting a new job in a week's time running a youth hostel, so took the opportunity to  come out for a break.  He and Tracey are out later in the season as well.
Susie, who worked as a chalet host at the Sylvana last year, was also out for a few days.  It's lovely when staff come back to see us.

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