Wednesday, 31 January 2018


We are now in Putney as we have come home to look after the grandchildren while the daughters and their husbands go skiing.  On Monday we led the Unthank Ski Club which was great fun.  It was a lovely day, blue sky but cool.  Our group wanted to have lunch at the Radaz but though we got there at about 12.15 it was full.  They have fewer tables than before  so you have to get there early.   We went to the Javen and sat outside in the sun.   Sadly the food was not up to scratch.

Yesterday we skied for 2 1/2 hours with a guest. Steve, who has an Austrian ski instructors qualification.

We got the first lift at 8.45 and got back at 11.45 to get the transfer to the airport.  We skied all our favourite runs on Mont D'Arbois at speed.  Two Mont Rossets, Blue Princess, then over to the Epaule ridge, then Gouet and Clementines and back via Communailles, Ideal and Belle D'Arbois.  It was a bit like skiing with Gordon, Gordon's son Charlie, and Neville,  though with the boys all I can see is a pair of yellow trousers (Charlie) and orange (Neville) disappearing at a great rate down the piste.  I can't see Gordon as he wears black, unless his boots are visible, which are bright green.

So we are now home, in the rain, until next Tuesday.

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