Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Accompanied skiing

I was looking after the relaxed group and managed to lose 4 people on the first run!
i went up the Mont Joux chair thinking I may have missed them but they were not there so I skied down and met them at the bottom.   Two had crashed and one had had huge problems in getting her skis back on. Fortunately, everyone was OK and we regrouped and had a lovely morning.  We had coffee at the Gouet where we met Bill who had lost his intermediate group and his mobile phone.  One of our party rang his phone and it was answered by a French man but the phone kept cutting out.  Eventually Bill decided that it was probably gone for good but when we got outside there was the Frenchman holding his phone!   He hadn't realised where we were but was trying to contact us.  How nice was that!  He was the man who looked after the skis at the Untitled Restaurant at the top of the Mont D'Arbois lift.  So that was a good end to the morning's skiing with Bill reunited with his phone.

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