Sunday, 13 January 2013


Another 10 cms of snow.  Cloudy at first but the sun came out later.  John and I skied with Gordon McNeil and Rob Holder ( the Australian who used to work in Ski Concept)in the morning.  We were too exhausted to ski in the afternoon.   We went over to Jaillet and skied off piste to Giettaz.  I missed the climb up to the piste so we decided to go along what we thought was the piste de fond.  After walking up hill both on skis and carrying skis we decided that that was not a good idea, but it was too late to go back.   We got to the lift in the end. We then went up the lift and skied to Praz Sur Arly.  We took a route that John last did with a guide about 7 years ago.  Consequently we got too low and ended up walking up hill (yes, carrying skis in thigh deep snow) then discovered we were walking up the wrong hill and retraced our steps to walk up the hill on the other side of the stream.  Apart from the walking up hill we had a great morning's skiing.

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