Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Sun and snow

It was a beautiful day today but very cold.  John had to go shopping at Metro this morning so I skied with Gordon.  We went off the back of the Epaule ridge down to St Nicholas De Veroce off piste, and then came back up and did half of the ridge again.  We then skied off the back of the Petit Epaule down to get the facilly bus which took us back to St. Nicholas.  The snow was perfect and there were few people about.   John then phoned to say he was coming up.  We tried the Gouet for lunch but people were queuing so we went to the Alpage which was lovely.  I had the fish soup as usual - it is delicious.  We then skied home off piste to the door of our apartment.  You don't get many days better than that!  It was very cold and in spite of wearing lots of layers we all suffered, particularly my hands.  I don't seem to find gloves that are warm enough.

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