Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Back again!

I drove back from Geneva in fresh snow and sunshine.  Today (just my luck) it's cloudy and visibility was poor and off piste heavy.  It is now snowing lightly.  The grandchildren were very good and easy.  We had fresh snow and sunshine in Norwich on Saturday and it was a beautiful, crisp, cold day.  It then rained overnight and all the snow went.  The puppy was not so good.   I'd prepared pigs' cheeks for supper and put them in a bag with seasoned flour to cook later.  Rufty managed to get them off the counter and eat 8 of the 14.   John had to go to Waitrose again to get us something else for supper.  The puppy spent the afternoon sitting outside the back door, looking forlorn.  He is not in my good books. 

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