Thursday, 31 January 2013

St Orson's Fair

We went to Aosta today (in Italy through the Mont Blanc tunnel) to the St. Orson's Fair (no I don't know what he did).  There were 17 of us so rather a big party.   Angie had arranged lunch for us all otherwise I am sure we would all have gone hungry.   There were lots of stalls, some food stuffs, sausages, cheeses, honey, but mostly wood carvings.  It was fun but I feel that I do not want to see another wood carving for some time.  I was looking for a salad bowl but they were all the wrong size, too shallow, too ornate, too expensive ..... so I bought some cheese and some honey.   Interestingly. there was a lot more snow the French side of Mont Blanc than the Italian.   MB is the divide, and often one country gets the snow and the other is bare. 

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