Monday, 21 January 2013

Jimmy's 75th

Yesterday was our friend's 75th birthday.  About 30 of us had lunch at a lovely restaurant just outside St. Gervais.  We arrived at 1p.m. and left about 5p.m.  It was a beautiful day and the sun shone on Jimmy.  Today was grey and cold and snowing off and on.  Tomorrow John and I return to England to look after the grand children whilst Elizabeth and Caroline and their husbands come skiing.   I'm in Putney looking after Anna and Lizzie (10 and nearly 8) and John goes to Norwich to look after Emily and Tommy (nearly 10 and 5) and Rufty ( the cockapoo who is not yet a year old).   At the weekend the other grandmother takes over with Anna and Lizzie and I go up to Norwich to help John.   We are back here on Monday.  I expect they will have brilliant conditions and we'll have cold, grey rain!

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