Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Back Again!

Wednesday and a beautiful sunny day.   We skied on Mont D'Arbois most of the morning although we went over to Jaillet at the end  to ski off piste from Combloux to the Princess lift, as Gordon hadn't done it.   The snow was a bit heavy towards the bottom and I have learnt a new technique - leaning back on  the tails of the ski so the tips come round.   At least, I'm trying to learn it.   We then skied back off piste through the trees from the Bridans run down to the road and got the bus home.  In the afternoon I sat on our balcony in the sunshine.  It is the first time I have done that this season and it was lovely.  What glorious weather.
Jonny and Tracey skied on Petit Fontaine yesterday and saw three deer crossing the piste.  You do see them occasionally but not usually on a piste.   However, it is quiet and they were probably taking advantage of noone being around.

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