Sunday, 2 March 2014

Just one of those days

Sunday, grey cloud.  John off to the airport on a transfer and Gordon and I sitting on the first bus to Jaillet wondering what we were doing.  Gordon had arranged to meet Rob (Australian builder) so I resolved to let the boys do their own thing, ski a couple of runs and come home.  But at the top we came out of the cloud.  So off we went to Giettaz and did a very nice run through the trees.   Rob then decided to do some exploring and Gordon and I left him to it and had a hot chocolate.  Rob appeared saying it was a fantastic run and we really had to do it so off we went and it was, apart from the 15 minute walk out at the bottom.  Then we skied down to Praz which noone had done, which was very surprising.  I lost a ski on the last field down (it was heavy and thin) and then lost the boys so ended up skiing through a farm yard to the amazement of 6 donkeys.  So instead of coming back for coffee I ended up getting home for tea.  You never know how the day is going to pan out.

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