Sunday, 23 March 2014

Goodbye Sunshine Hello - snow

On Friday the boys were skiing in t-shirts.  Today it was back to proper ski clothes.   It snowed on and off all day and we had a brilliant day.   We were skiing with Gordon and his 2 boys, Kit and Simon, and their friends Steve and Ilona.   We spent most of the time around Communailles skiing the off piste as there was some visibility from the trees.   Also Steve and Ilona have only skied for 9 days (they were doing fantastically well) and that meant they could go down the piste and meet us at the bottom.  We had lunch at the little old cafe at the bottom of Mont D'Arbois.  The paper holders in the loo had the original fag burns still etched in the plastic.  John and I skied back via the Etudiant lift.  I saw a hare in the forest which was no longer white so he must know spring is coming.  At the bottom of the field I ended up standing in a ditch to take my skis off and found I had a boot full of water.  Still, it has now dried out.  Here is a short video of Kit and me skiing the off piste.   Kit is a lot younger than me and far more dashing!

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