Tuesday, 4 March 2014


It snowed overnight Sunday and was snowing hard Monday morning so we didn't go out first thing.  John and I met up with Jonny and skied through the trees at Petit Fontaine.  It was quite hard work as the snow was deep and we ended up skiing down beside a stream which we had to cross about 3 times.   Jonny narrowly missed falling into it.  The second time we ended up on the track from the bottom of the Lanchettes lift to Petit Fontaine which has been closed all season.  We found out why when discovered there was no bridge across the stream and had to wade through it.  Fortunately it wasn't deep.     We have been told that the farmer who owns the land is very difficult and he has removed the bridge in the past.   In the summer all that area is wired off with notices about trespassing.
Today I went out on my own.  I was going to go to Cote but the cloud was down and I hate skiing when I can't see.  So I went over to Mont D'Arbois and skied the off piste fields which were in good condition.  It looks as if it's trying to snow again now.

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