Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Vallee Blanche

We are hoping to ski the Vallee Blanche on Friday with the staff as an end of season trip.   We have 2 guides booked and the weather looks OK.  We had another morning yesterday skiing off piste with most of the staff to introduce them to falling in soft snow.  Hopefully, most of them will have got it out of their system before Friday.  Today John, Gordon and I skied the trees at La Giettaz and found some untracked powder.  There was noone around and we had virtually every piste to ourselves.  We were even the only people on the bus!
Yesterday evening we had our French dinner to which we invite people like our bank manager, head of the tourist office, head of marketing for Megeve etc.   Sam cooked us an exceptionally good dinner, ably assisted by Hannah and Tracey.  We started with prawns in a coconut and spicy sauce, followed by beef wellington and then a trio of desserts.  It was excellent and was a very good evening.  Even John's speech in French went well (though Solange had written most of it!)

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