Saturday, 15 March 2014

Last day of French holidays

There was a long  queue of cars leaving #Megeve this morning as the French return after their holidays.   On Monday we will have the pistes to ourselves again.   Yesterday was another brilliantly sunny day but today there is high level cloud.  The visibility is fine but everywhere is a bit misty.   We skied at Jaillet and Giettaz today and had a lovely morning.   We met up with 3 friends of friends, Fergus, John and Jamie, who had sneaked out for a week  before the end of the season.
 The tourist office announced 2 days ago that they are keeping most of the lifts open, which includes the main ski area excluding the Princess lift, until Sunday 13th.  This is great news but irritating that they have only just announced it.  So if you want an end of season's blast with empty pistes give us a call.    We often have a late dump of snow in April and there is noone but us to take advantage of the off piste.
Anyway, here is a pic of me skiing at Giettaz today.   We tried to get us all in but we skied too close to John and failed dismally. So sorry Fergus, Gordon, Jamie and John.    Better luck next time.

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