Saturday, 11 February 2017

Cote 2000

Yesterday we skied on Mont D'Arbois with Ruth Hatton and Gordon, having lunch at the Gouet. Today John and I skied to Cote to see if there was any off piste left.  We found some where it was not too cut up, but it was breakable crust at the bottom.  We skied off the Pre Rosset track past the barn that is being refurbished and down to the stream.   This comes out at the bottom of the Lanchettes lift.  The snow was lovely and it wasn't tracked out.  Usually I hate the stream, there is one track which is too fast and nowhere to stop, and I spend the whole time thinking I'm going to end up in the stream.  But today not too many people had been down it and the snow was soft.  We had to climb over one fallen tree, and skirt round a couple of others, jump the stream a couple of times but otherwise it was quite fun.  At the bottom we met three guys skinning up.  I was very relieved not to have met them on one of the narrow unpassable places.  Then it was home for lunch, as it is the start of the French holidays and the pistes were getting busy.

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