Thursday, 9 February 2017

John's birthday

We had an amazing day today. We met up with Gordon at Cote and skied off piste all morning, or at least, I practised falling over in the snow.  I was leaning back.  Considering it's the first week of the Paris holidays, Cote was deserted.  We had lunch in the Radaz, a birthday tartiflette, and then took the bus to Mont D'Arbois.  Mont Joli and Epaule had been skied out totally.  But we  found some untracked snow down to Etudiant and then skied back down to Planellet.  I thought the snow might be heavy but it was perfect.  And to cap it all, we had some sunshine so we could actually see what we were skiing.  This is a video of the birthday boy!
This evening we are off to the St Georges for dinner with Jonathan and Fiona Muirhead, Carol and Gordon and our friend from England, Ruth Hatton.

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