Thursday, 23 February 2017


Emily, one of the chalet hosts at the Rond Point, had a nasty accident on Tuesday.  She was skating on the outdoor ice rink and fell heavily, knocking herself out and cutting her forehead.  She was taken to Sallanches hospital by ambulance.  The doctors decided not to do a scan but to transfer her to Annecy by helicopter, where, presumably, they had a specialist team.  Anyway, the scan was clear and she was discharged the next day, thankfully.  Her mother flew out and she is now recuperating.  She can't remember between talking about going skating on Tuesday and waking up in Annecy on Wednesday morning.
Rory and Amy were marvellous, Amy, in particular as it was her day off and she went down in  the ambulance with Emily, and then had to hitch a lift back to Megeve. She and Rory then drove to Annecy and didn't get back to Megeve until the small hours of the morning. We are all so thankful that it was nothing worse.
It was a lovely morning and John and I skied the Rochebrune ridge this morning to Cote.  There was a race taking place on the Ladies Downhill Course.  The girls all looked about 14 but were they travelling!  The Radaz was open but only for bar and sandwiches. It wasn't clear as to when, if at all, the restaurant would be open.

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