Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Staff day off

Tuesday is Amy's,Gary's and  Emma's day off so we met up with them at 9am and skied over to Cote.
This is me skiing off the back down to the track.  The snow was lovely and very few people had skied it.  We met up with Gordon who gave Gary and Emma some tips, the same that   he has drilled into us over the years.  I still can't ski like Gordon, but at least I haven't given up trying.  Gary and Emma were planning a quiet lunch at the Radaz but we gate crashed it.  John and I had ordered a lasagne to share and the old man brought out something which he said was the lasagne.  By the time we had divided it we were told it was Gary's Croute.  So Gary had the mashed up Croute and we devoured our lasagne, when the old man brought Gary a second Croute.  So that got shared out!  We then skied back home but took a diversion through the trees which was testing as there were a lot of shrubs.  Still, the snow was lovely.

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