Friday, 17 February 2017


  We have just spent the last few days near  Grasse in the south of France, so apologies for not blogging.  Our  friend Ruth Hatton was driving back to her house at Cabris on Monday and asked us if we would like to visit for a few days, as she had other friends who we knew coming out to stay.  So we drove back with her through the Mont Blanc tunnel and down through Italy to Ventimiglia, and then along the coast to Nice and up to the hills behind, where their house is.  It is in a beautiful situation, overlooking Grasse and with a view out to the sea.  We flew back on Thursday morning.  So today we skied in Megeve on Mont D'Arbois.  Seeing that it is the last day of the Paris holidays the queues were not too bad, and we found some almost deserted pistes.  This is the view from Epaule, looking at Mont Blanc.  Next week should be quieter as the English half term will also have finished.

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