Monday, 20 February 2017


The son of Brigitte. the owner of the Radaz Restaurant at Cote, was killed in an avalanche 8 days ago.  He went out at about 8 am.  Roger Siviter, who is a pisteur and paramedic on Rochebrune, told us that they saw an avalanche had come down when they came on duty, but as it was before the lifts opened and there were no tracks they assumed that no-one had been caught in it.  It was not until the victim's wife rang them to say she was worried as he had not returned home did they investigate.
He was the young man serving behind the bar at the Radaz, and was due to take over the business from his mother.  It is tragic.  So what is going to happen to the Radaz after the winter nobody knows.
On a brighter note, the weather has been glorious and the pistes are in fantastic condition.  We had lunch at the Alpage yesterday.  There is a new waitress who looks very like Marie, the owner.  It turns out that she is the daughter in law and her husband is the chef with his father.  It is nice that the business remains a family business. 

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