Wednesday, 1 March 2017

An amazing day

Fresh snow, first lift.   It was still snowing this morning when Neville picked us up to meet Gordon at the Princess lift.  We skied Bridans twice as it had not been pisted, then skied down beside the drag lift.  After that we did the the Monrosset field which was lovely, then off piste down to Bettex.  I suggested that we skied down to the facily bus which takes us back to Chatterix.  Sadly I fell in a hole and had to clamber out, so John and I were racing down the off piste like mad men to catch the bus.  We had to do a short cut through trees which involved skiing leaf mould so I'm now muddy.  Gordon and Neville were already at the bus stop when we got down and we got there literally as the bus drove up.  So lunch at the Gouet where we squeezed onto a table occupied by three of our guests, Yann, Chris and Russell.  They are all medics and out on a short break.  Gordon and Neville decided to do another run but John and I went home via the off piste to Planallet.   The field was a bit heavy but we were first tracks down!
What a change after yesterday.  I went out but the Rochebrune lifts were closed because of high winds.  At the top of the Croix de Christ I could see nothing because of the horizontal snow, so decided to ski down the green run so I could follow ski school.  The Mont D'Arbois lift was then closed.   The best skiing yesterday was at Jaillet.
It is now snowing now 5pm so tomorrow should be good.

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