Sunday, 5 March 2017

Fresh snow

We had about 10 cms of fresh snow overnight, enough for us to play around in the off piste.  We got the first lift out of Megeve  and then up to Mont D'Arbois where we met Gordon.  As we got to the top we came out of the cloud and into sunshine.  We did a couple of runs down to Communailles, where I failed to climb over a fallen tree and then gave a fir tree a hug.  Gordon took the photo [after making sure the tree was alright] but all you can really see is my blue back pack and a ski.

Then we went up the Epaule lift where people were skiing off to the right down to the Mont Joli chair.  The snow looked good so we decided to follow them, and it was.  This is the first time we have been up there this season, as it gets skied out so quickly. The drawback was the wind.   The chair was going slower than usual because the wind was sweeping across,  blowing clouds of snow in your face.  After the second run Gordon announced he needed a hot chocolate so we headed for the Chalet du Mont-Joli.  We ended up having lunch there.  It was good, but every time someone came in the door the temperature dropped, as the wind was blowing from that direction.  After lunch Gordon headed home but we decided to ski off the triangle at the top of the Epaule ridge, down to Croix du Christ.  The snow wasn't as good as on Mont Joli but we had an interesting adventure through the trees and down the stream.  I was  glad to get to the piste.  By that time the weather had closed in so we skied home.  It's still snowing now, in Megeve.

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