Saturday, 11 March 2017

Sunny Saturday

The sun is shining in Megeve, the snow is perfect and I've hurt my ankle.   I don't know what I've done but I tried skiing this morning and it was not a good idea.  I had rested it yesterday so I was hoping that I would be OK, but I ended up skiing down on one ski, which might be good for practice but not for all day.
Anyway, to recap.  Wednesday morning was almost perfect.   I say almost because I fell into the same ditch beside the bottom of the second chair at Cote twice running.  Everyone else thought it hilarious.  We met Gordon and Neville at the top of the Princess lift, and skied off piste down to Planallet, where we caught the bus to Cote.  As the top chair had not been open the day before we were almost first down everything.  The off piste snow was light and fluffy and huge fun.  Then it started to get busy and the snow got heavier and John and I went home for lunch.
On Thursday the temperature had risen.  We went to Le Giettaz where Gordon and Neville skied off the back and skinned back up again.  We did one run off piste which was OK, but hard work, so we skied the pistes.
On Friday we had a trip to Carrefour in Sallanches as our toaster had died and we needed to replace it.   We picked up some guests from the Alpy bus.  They have chosen a good weekend for a short break.

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