Saturday, 4 March 2017

Stormy weather

We were woken up this morning with shutters rattling from sudden gusts of wind.  Yesterday was sunny and, because it was the last day of the French holidays, busy.  But today there was a foehn wind blowing (100kph we were told) and the main lifts on Rochebrune and Mont D'Arbois were closed for the morning.  We had already agreed to meet Gordon at Jaillet, which proved to be the best bet. We had planned to ski over to La Giettaz, but, because of the high winds, we were not sure whether the top chair there would be open.  We have been caught once before when we skied over and found it closed so we couldn't get back, and we didn't feel like repeating the experience.  It is about an hour's drive round by road. We skied until lunch time when the snow started to get sticky and then came home.  The temperature has now dropped about 10C as a cold front is moving in and it is starting to snow.  So tomorrow may be a fun day.  Good for the guests arriving, but not so good for those going home.

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