Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Powder Day

We woke up this morning to more snow than we've had all season, and still snowing.  The snow was over my knees walking to the Chamois lift.  Most of the lifts opened late because of the snow.  We waited at the Chamois and then gave up and got the bus up to Mont D'Arbois.  We were the first down Bridans which was brilliant, fluffy powder.  We were second down Voltigeurs which had been pisted but had about 50 cms of snow on top.  We skied them both twice and then headed off to ski down to Planallet.   No-one had done it so Neville had to break the trail.  We then got the bus to Jaillet which was a mistake.  We skied down the face but the snow was heavy.  Gordon and Neville went back to Mont D'Arbois but John and I decided we'd had a fantastic morning and headed home for lunch.  It's stopped snowing for now, though more is forecast.

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