Friday, 9 March 2018

Friends and Family

This week everyone has turned up.   Our friends from Istanbul, the Hatton family, have rented a chalet near Jaillet.  Our friends, Rob and Elspeth Pinckney, are at the RP.  John and Tracey Cox are staying with Gordon and Carol in Combloux.   And Elizabeth and Caroline, our daughters, are at the Clochettes.  Wednesday we skied with Rob, Humph and Ruth Hatton.   The weather kept changing. One minute it was a blizzard, and the next the sun was trying to shine.  We had a good day.

Me skiing at Christomet

Thursday was fresh snow so John and I headed to Jaillet and up Christomet.  No-one had skied the bowl at the top of the Christomet chair, so it had to be done, three times!  Then we skied off the back down to the small drag lift.  By the time we got to the top Gordon had joined us, so we skied down to the Chattaz bus.  The bus driver was the same man who had told us to clear the snow off our skis and boots, and then  had lectured us because we were at the wrong bus stop.  This time we were at the right stop and had clean skis and boots.  We still didn't get a smile.   Then we skied down to Cordon where Carol and Tracey met us.  By then the temperature was rising and the snow was getting heavier, so we decided it was time for lunch.  We went to Chalet Emilie at Combloux which was pleasant.

Today we skied with the daughters on Mont D'Arbois.  They skied some off piste, particularly on Mont Joli, but it was heavy going and John and I felt tired.  It was intermittent sunshine but overall a nice day.  The pistes were quite crowded (for Megeve) as it is the last day of the French holidays, and everyone was out.  But the piste down to Chatrix was deserted as usual - its odd how all the french seem to congregate around Mont Joux!

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