Wednesday, 28 March 2018

New snow

We were promised new snow. but we only had a few centimetres.   Perhaps more will come tomorrow.
Neville has a disabled friend out at the moment, who is staying with Carol and Gordon.  Drew skis in a sit ski, and it is amazing to watch him.  He skis everything, even a steep black, but it's coming off the chair lift that he shows his real skill.  It looks incredibly difficult to keep the chair upright and manoeuvre off the chair.  He lives in Norfolk, near Hunstanton, where he can cycle along the promenade.  A very interesting man.
John is trying to sort out the repairs to the Rond Point.  We were told that we need planning permission as we want to change the format of the windows.  Philippe Scuotto looked amazed when John told him and said he wouldn't have bothered.  John pointed out that he is English and if we go ahead and change the windows without permission someone is sure to complain.  That's what happened years ago when we changed the colour of the walls of the Sylvana without first getting permission from the Marie.  

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