Tuesday, 13 March 2018


John went home for the weekend so I haven't been able to blog, as I cannot do it on my iPad.  Friday we skied with Elizabeth and Caroline on Mont D'Arbois.  They skied some off piste but it was heavy and we didn't feel up to it.  It was OK but not as nice as the day before.  We had lunch at the Gouet.

Saturday was not a good day and we came home early.  The girls stayed out and said they were the only ones skiing at Giettaz.  Even the lifties looked surprised to see them.

Me showing the effects of a tree encounter.
On Mothering Sunday John got up early to go to the airport so we three skied together on Rochebrune.  We had a lovely morning and the snow was good.  We had  lunch at the Radaz which was busy.  The girls were leaving early afternoon so we came back early.

Today it was snowing so Gordon and I skied together.  We went over to Jaillet and had to wait while they opened the lifts.   They had to clear the snow before they could allow us through the gates.  It snowed all morning but we had a great time.  We skied the bowl at the top of the Christomet chair about 6 times.   No-one else was doing it, possibly because the visibility was not too good.

I had a contretemps with a tree branch and have a graze down the left side of my face.   It is quite swollen as well, though I did spend the afternoon icing it.  It won't stop me skiing!

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