Thursday, 22 March 2018

Last few days

Passing the Husky farm
We have had sunshine the last two days, and cold, which has been great.  On Sunday we had some fresh snow and we decided to ski down to the Chattaz bus from Jaillet.  Unfortunately, John and I went too far to the right and ended up struggling down beside the stream.  The snow was thick and heavy and it took us about two hours.  It was not fun.  However, we came out at the Husky dog farm. I really don't know how it operates - they seem to have 30 or 40 dogs there.

Yesterday was sunny and Gordon, John and I skied past the Pre-Rosset restaurant and then skinned up the other side to the Verey ridge.   Gordon was way ahead of us so we turned back before the ridge as some clouds had come in and we were concerned that the light would go.  As it happened, the clouds cleared and we walked out in sunshine.   There were two goats feeding on the lichen on the trees just below the cliffs at Cote.   Sadly, they were too far away to get a good photograph.

Dry powder snow in the trees
Today we skied through the trees down to the path that takes you to the Petit Fontaine chair.   The snow was light and fluffy as the sun had not got to it.   John and I then skied through the trees to the left of the Petit Fontaine run where there are some lovely glades.  However, the stream at the bottom was extremely challenging.   Gordon had gone down a different off piste run from Jardin, and said that was challenging also.

Celebration lunch at the Alpage
We then met for lunch at the Alpage at Communailles.   Jonathan Muirhead has torn the ligaments in his ankle so is unable to ski.  Carol brought him in the car but the rest of us, Fiona Muirhead, Neville and Caroline and Gordon all skied over.  We had a very good lunch.   Carol provided two cakes, one for Neville's birthday in a day's time and one for Caroline retiring from work.  It was a very jolly lunch.

Our family come out in ten days' time and they are going to have a great holiday.  All the pistes are open and are in great condition, and there is nobody here.

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