Thursday, 15 March 2018

Sunshine and snow

Yesterday was a beautiful day, sunny and good snow.  We met Gordon and headed off to find some powder.   We started on the Epaule ridge and skied off the left hand side down to the Croix de Christ. John took a rather better line than Gordon and me and found a track down the stream.  We did quite a bit of uphill walking!  So we did it again and skied down John's stream, which he said was very pretty.  I was concentrating on not falling into it.

There was a race going on of over 100 competitors.  They were skinning up to the Epaule ridge, presumably from St Nicholas or Chatterix.  From the top of the Epaule chair they took their skins off their skis, strapped them to their backs and walked up Mont Joli.  It must have taken about another hour, hour and a half.  From there they skied back to the top of the Grand Chamois, down that and traversed back to the Epaule ridge which they skied down to the big bump.  At that point there were two slalom courses set down the left hand side.   We watched one or two come down and it did not look a pleasant experience.  That was the end of the race.   It looked gruelling.

Today was a completely different day, cloudy and overcast.  I skied on Jaillet with Gordon, Neville, Caroline and two friends of Caroline's.  John had a day off.  I left them having lunch at the Bonjournal.  It is now snowing but supposed to be a nice morning tomorrow.   So we're hoping for a powder day.  

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