Sunday, 4 March 2018

Sunny Sunday

Yesterday it snowed most of the day, stopping at about 4pm.  We met Gordon and skied  the Mont Rosset field and then down to Planallet where we met Neville at the bus stop.   We took the bus to Jaillet and skied down the Face which was good, though the light was flat.   We then went up again and skied down to Magland, 500m past the Medical Centre.  As we got to the road the bus drew up.  The driver told us to knock the snow off our boots and skis.

Today the same driver picked us up and gave us a lecture about how we were waiting at the wrong bus stop.  We knew we were but that bus only runs once an hour and we didn't have time to walk up the road, so we hoped that he would take pity on us and stop, which he did.  A lecture is preferable to waiting another hour or walking a mile into town, carrying skis!

Some weird snow we found in the forest
Today was bright and sunny.  We found some lovely powder off the back of Christomet.  Gordon and Neville skied down to La Giettaz but we didn't fancy the track out along the stream.  However, we met up with them later and skied along the ridge to the wooden cross (which we failed to find).  The last time we did it was about 4 years ago with John Cox, where he received a call to say that the chef at the Sylvana had tripped on the stairs and put his arm through a window.  Fortunately he didn't cut any tendons and was back at work within three days, but it wasn't a fun ski down.  Today was marginally better in that we received no phone call, but the snow was deep and heavy and very hard work.  But we got to the bus, and had a well deserved beer.  This is a picture of us at the top of the last field.  It looks great but was quite testing.
Emerging from the forest - great view of Megeve with the Mont Blanc Aguilles behind.

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  1. That same chef is staying at Clochettes at the moment and enjoying the fantastic skiing and hospitality