Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Back again!

Sunshine but cold yesterday and today so the snow has been good.  Yesterday we skied on Rochebrune and there were few people about but today we were on Mont D'Arbois and we hit some queues.   It's the French holiday so to be expected.  They were only about 5- 10 minutes so not too bad.  It was warm enough to sit outside at lunchtime.  I failed to buy any new ski pants when we were home so I've found some very fetching blue iron-on patches.   They'll look good on black!  The only trousers in black were too large, and the other colours were white (impractical) or a horrid mustard yellow.  I don't want to look as if I've just sat in a fresh cowpat.  So I'll have to go down to Vieux Campeur and see if they've got anything.  (John still hasn't got his new minibus either.)

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