Wednesday, 13 February 2013

that supermarket again

John and Gordon spent yesterday evening studying google earth and the map and planning the best way down to Intermarche in Le Fayet.  It worked.  No walking down a nasty, icy, rocky, track carrying one's skis.  David Stewart (who owns Snowcoach) joined us.  We were getting down to the grass on the last 2 meadows but it was a good run. However, for the second day running, I managed to demolish a fence.  Yesterday, it was the pisteurs' fence at the end of the track, and I ducked under it and my rucksack caught on it.  Today, it was a farmer's single strand wire fence which I didn't see (fortunately not barbed wire).  So I'm feeling rather guilty.  I also now have 4 holes in one set of ski pants and one hole in another and John tells me I can't have a new pair as a new minibus has priority.  Oh well, I'll look out the iron on patches.

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