Wednesday, 27 February 2013


Just next to our apartment building is a small line of earth next to a wall where the snow has receded.  I like to keep an eye on it as the first primroses appear there.  And there they are!   There is thick snow on the ground and the temperature this morning on our balcony was -10C but the tiny first flowers have appeared.  It gets the morning sun and that encourages the primroses. 
I managed to break my sunglasses today which is very annoying as they are prescription lenses.   I have broken off one of the arms but can still wear them with one arm pushed under my helmet.  I was skiing down the Ladies Downhill course at Cote 2000 and collided with a gentleman who skied suddenly into my path.  I slid some way down the hill and just managed to avoid the netting and the 2 pisteurs who were mending it.  The other skier was OK and I'm just bruised and annoyed.  Still, it could have been worse.

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