Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Skiing cancelled

Alex Perrinet rang us to say that the off piste day was not happening because the weather was too bad.  It was raining when I looked out of the window but it turned to snow so we decided to go out.  It was VERY windy.  I thought they would stop the chairs because of the gale.  I needed my face mask - frozen snow lashing into your face isn't fun.   But we had a great day.  We skied the off piste both sides of the Lanchettes button lift and then the stream down to the track at the bottom of the lift.  That was very hairy - bouncing round corners, not knowing if you were going to meet a sudden up or (even worse) a vertical down.  I don't know how I avoided falling into the stream.  My screams are still reverberating round the gully. We had lunch at the Radaz (John and I shared a tartiflette).  It snowed off and on all day so hopefully there will be some more nice snow tomorrow, if it hasn't all been blown away.  Two of the friends we skied with are off to Verbier, but said that they would not have had so much fun as they had today, as they wouldn't have been able to see.

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