Monday, 11 February 2013

Skiing to the supermarket!

We skied down to the Intermarche supermarket in Le Fayet this morning.  You go from the bottom of the Mon Rosset chair lift and keep going.  It was great apart from the middle section.  We had to walk down an icy, rocky path with insufficient snow, carrying our skis.  I couldn't decide whether it was better to wreck my skis or fall over.   We saw 3 chamois very near the bottom.  They must have come lower for food.  Carol, Gordon's partner, came to collect us in the car.
When we reached the bottom we realised there were 6 skiers coming down behind us.  We decided the only person it could be would be Alex Perrinet (the mountain guide we ski with) and John phoned him and, yes, we were right!  He has shown us a lot of the hidden off piste runs round Megeve.  It's still snowing hard so tomorrow may be another interesting day.

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