Friday, 8 February 2013

Disaster day

Wednesday was not a good day.  The skiing was good because we had fresh snow, but in the afternoon it started to snow very heavily and the visibility was bad.   2 of the minibuses slid into each other on ice on the Sylvanva drive.    One was the old VW  and it's battered anyway but the window now needs replacing.  The other was a rental vehicle which John and I swapped yesterday.   The side of that was damaged but it also transpired that the roof was badly dented.   We believe that ice fell off the roof of the Sylvana and caused the damage. So on Wednesday evening we had to borrow a vehicle from Ski Royal to get our guests to the airport. Anyway the vehicle situation is now sorted.  What a nightmare!
Yesterday we had some sunshine and fresh snow so the skiing was fantastic.

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