Thursday, 14 February 2013

Clear round today

I skied with Gordon and Rob Houlder today.  We came down the front face of Jaillet to the bus which was not too bad and then came down it a different way which was horrendous.  It was breakable crust which I loathe so I was doing long traverses and then a kick turn.  I got down eventually.  The others had to hold the bus for me because I was so slow.  I was having a horrendous day.  If there had  been a fence to knock down I'd have done so.  As it was I concentrated on falling into tree wells, hugging trees and losing skis.  I stopped early and left the men to get on with it ! I should have stayed on the pistes which were in lovely condition.
 Yesterday evening 9 of us went ten pin bowling in Sallanches.  Men against women.  It was pretty even.  The men got 1st and 3rd positions and women 2nd and 4th.  I got a strike with my first ball (beginners' luck) and then it all went pear shaped.

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