Friday, 28 February 2014

Friday staff day off

It's staff day off and again it's snowing.   Yesterday we had a brilliant day.  We had had some fresh snow so skied some of our favourite off piste places.   We didn't go up Mont Joli as  we were told it was windy though the snow looked good.  Instead, we skied down to Chatterix and caught the bus.   Noone had skied the fields and they were fantastic.
Today we had about another foot of snow.  This time we decided to ski the Emila Allais down to the Chattaz bus.  It was quite tricky as the track is narrow and with large moguls under the new snow.   But the fields down  to the bus were good.   We then went up Jaillet and decided to try and find a way to ski from Combloux to the Princess lift.   We got down but it did involve rather a lot of walking down the road carrying our skis.  Having done it once I thought that was it but John insists that he now knows the way we should have gone so next snowfall here we come - it'll probably be tomorrow as it's snowing now.  Anyway, here is a picture of the first primrose, I think I shall call it the premature primrose, in the snow this morning.  And here is  clip of Gordon skiing without poles down the field towards the Princess lift.

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