Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Happy New Year

Sorry not to have blogged before.   It's been rather eventful.   We spent Christmas in Norwich with Elizabeth and her family, plus Caroline and her family and my sister so there were 11 of us in all, together with two dogs.    Caroline's dog, who is younger than Elizabeth's. bullied poor Rufty in his own home, trying to eat his food before he got to it.  Caroline's elder daughter, Anna, spent Christmas Day in bed, throwing up,  Caroline then caught it two days later and they had to postpone their return to London, whilst the rest of us left to go to Megeve.  Caroline and Anna suffered the most.
We had a bit of a nightmare journey as Stansted was closed for part of the day, and then it took hours for the de-icer lorry to get to our plane.   Anyway, we got here at last and had some lovely skiing.  There has been a huge amount of snow.   The team at the Sylvana have spent the last week digging out the drive in the morning, and then having to do it again in the afternoon and evening.  Even so, the car park is about half its usual size.  We had it cleared professionally but it's still smaller than usual.
The Alpage restaurant has changed hands but still has the same menu,  the Radaz is open and they have opened up the whole bar/restaurant area which is a big improvement but there is no tartiflette or spaghetti bolognaise on the menu.  We had lunch also at the Gouet and the Bonjournal, both of which are as good as ever and the management is unchanged.  The resort has been very busy, not surprisingly, which is great for the local businesses but it is quietening down now and next week I expect the pistes to be deserted.  I am now trying to update the restaurant guides so they are ready for when you all arrive!

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