Tuesday, 23 January 2018


The weather has been all over the place.  As you will have seen, we've had piles of snow.  But then the temperature rises and the snow turns to rain, and then snow again.  It has been very weird.

Today, for the first time for days, we saw the sun.   It started off a bit grey, with some fantastic views of Mont Blanc appearing out of the clouds.   Then the sun burnt through and we had a beautiful sunny  day.  We even had lunch outside at the Auberge du Mont Joly.

I haven't been skiing for a few days as I tweaked my ankle.   I went to see the osteopath who asked if I had had an accident as my left ankle is much more flexible than my right.  I tore the ligaments very badly in my left ankle over twenty years ago, walking in the Lake District, and now that old injury is catching up with me.  It is very tedious.

Yesterday we were planning to meet up for lunch with our friends, David and Jane Redwood, who live just outside Argentiere.  On Sunday evening they said that the road from their village to Le Tour at the head of the valley had been closed. On Monday morning, the only road to Argentiere was closed.   Some years ago an avalanche came down across a stretch of the road, so I am sure the authorities are playing safe.   But not much fun when you can't even get out to go skiing!

Anyway, the pistes in Megeve are open, they are in great condition with a huge amount of snow, AND the sun is shining.

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