Thursday, 25 January 2018

More sunshine

The last two days have been lovely, sunny but not too warm.  Yesterday we went to Jaillet.  This is a view of me skiing down a deserted piste from the top of the Giettaz chair lift with Mont Blanc as the backdrop.  We had lunch at the Bonjournal which was busy as usual.  Gordon's son, Charlie, is out for the week and it's a bit disappointing there is no powder for him.  He and Gordon were hoping to find some spring snow this afternoon, but it involved skiing through the trees which might have been challenging.
Today we spent skiing on Mont D'Arbois.   We started off skiing down to the Mont Rosset chair as those pistes get the sun first thing.   Eventually we moved on to the ridge at Epaule which was busy (for Megeve -  so more than half a dozen skiers!).  I think people are finding it much easier access with the new lift.  Also our new find for mid morning hot chocolate has been discovered by others, and this morning we were not the only people there.   It's the new restaurant just at the end of the first steep pitch on the Epaule ridge.  We haven't eaten there but if the food is anything like as good as the hot chocolate it will be a find.  Lunch was at the Alpage at Communailles.  We chose to go there as Charlie said that he had to sit outside, and we thought it might be warmer than the Gouet as they have heaters.   However, it has changed hands and the new owners have enclosed the outside area with a tent, so we didn't sit in the sun after all.  John and I shared a croute but it wasn't nearly as good as the croute at the Gouet.

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