Wednesday, 10 January 2018

I survived!

Yesterday we woke up to a sprinkling of snow in town, so I took the wrong pair of skis.   That was mistake number one.   The second mistake was that I misunderstood Gordon"s plan and thought he and Neville were going to Cote, so I got on the bus, found the chair at Cote wasn't running, rang Gordon who said he was just going up the Princess lift.   So I spent the best part of an hour sitting on the bus.  Gordon and Neville were skiing untracked snow on Voltiguers  and Bridans and this is a picture of Gordon at the top.
I skied Voltiguers and decided that the snow at the top was better than further down, and decided to head higher.  I went off to the new Epaule chair and noticed that one person had been down under the chair, so obviously that had to be done, twice.  I then skied over the back down to Chatterix.  I was having so much fun I had been ignoring my mobile but eventually checked it and found that Gordon had been trying to contact me.   So the three of us eventually met up at the Epaule chair, by which time the Mont Joli chair had opened.  So off to Mont Joli we go and ski that twice.   By that time my legs were feeling very well exercivbsed and it was getting tracked out, so I came home.  The others did a run under the Epaule chair and also called time.  So what a brilliant day, with an unexpected fall of fresh powder.

Today we went over to Jaillet, and John comes too.  There had been a little sprinkling of snow but yesterday's snow had scarcely been skied.  We decide to ski off the back of Christomet, and then walk up a knoll and ski down to La Giettaz.   This is a picture of John toiling up the slope; I am miles behind and Gordon and Neville are already at the top.  The first part of the ski down is great, and then the snow gets a bit thinner and slightly more rutted.  However, we congratulate ourselves that none of the Chamonix guides have been down it.  And then we find out why.   The path along the stream is horrendous.  It is narrow and rutted in places, but underneath the trees it is ice.  I have never felt so relieved to get to the end of the track in one piece and without falling in the stream.  I am not sure how many calories I burnt off today, but Christmas dinner seems like a distant memory!

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