Thursday, 11 February 2016

24 hours

 What a difference a day makes.  We woke up to snow and it was still snowing and continued to snow on and off all day.  We caught the early bus and were first down the red Princess, except for someone who had walked up, in 6 inches of powder.  It was so good we had to do it again.  Then we played around under the Ideal chair as the Mont Joux chair was closed first thing.  We did not get back until about 2pm, and that was with no stops, apart from lifts.  The off piste was fantastic and such good fun.  John took a vid of me skiing down from the Monrosset chair to Bettex, but we can't get it to work which is just as well as I could have skied it better.
Although if you would like to, you can see it on our youtube channel.

Video of Kathryn

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