Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Cote 2000

It was a glorious day today, sunny and cold.  Yesterday was grey cloud and you couldn't see a thing but today was the opposite.   Both days we skied the Rochebrune ridge.  Both days we ended up at Lanchettes skiing through  the trees by the side of the lift.  The snow was wonderful and untracked, until we had got to it.  We managed to get a bit low to get back to the piste yesterday (we couldn't see) and ended up climbing though trees.  Very hard work.
Anyway, today we got to Cote and were amazed how quiet it was, considering it is French and Swiss holidays and English half term.  This is a photo of the queue at the top lift at Cote at about 11.30.   Very few people had skied the Magic Garden so we did that twice.  We then skied off the back of the Ladies Downhill course and were making fresh tracks, even on the fifth time down it.  Here I am, skiing down to the track.  We were on the lift by 9am and back about 2.15, no stopping for coffee or lunch, so it was an excellent day.  We had one queue at Lanchettes on the way home, but that was less than 10 minutes, so where is everybody?   We're not complaining! 

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