Sunday, 21 February 2016

Where to Ski and Snowboard

Chris Gill, the co-editor of Where to Ski and Snowboard has just spent the last two days with us, together with his friend, Ben, a photographer.  They are going on to Monte Rosa for three days now.  Yesterday was very cold, with snow flurries and poor visibility.   We skied the Rochebrune ridge and then caught the bus to Mont D'Arbois aiming for the Porcherry for lunch (this is on the piste off the back of the Epaule and going down to St. Nicholas).  It was a set lunch and very good.  And who should walk in but Alex Perrinet with a group of clients.   We knew we must have chosen well as Alex only takes his clients to restaurants where he likes the food and the waitress is pretty.  After that we skied the Clementines run on Croix de Christ, then went over to the Croix chair at Communailles, up the Bosses drag lift and down the Marmire, down to the Princess lift and back home.  We reckon we skied most of the mountain!
Today was a totally different day, sunny and warm and instead of putting on my boot heaters I was taking off layers.  So Ben was able to see Mont Blanc without us pointing in  a vague direction and saying Mont  Blanc is over there.  We went over to Jaillet which wasn't too busy, considering it is the first day of the Paris holidays and also all the locals ski when the sun shines.  After skiing the Combloux  area we went over to Giettaz and did a couple of runs there.  We had lunch at the Bonjournal on the way back which was excellent.  Tomorrow looks like another sunny day and then I think more snow is forecast. 

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