Saturday, 27 February 2016


I have failed to blog for a few days for which I apologise.  The weather has been patchy, cloudy with some snow and yesterday and today some sunshine.  Friends of ours have been staying with other friends in Montroc, a village just outside Argentiere.   We went over to ski with them on Wednesday in Argentiere.   The cloud was down and it was snowing intermittently so visibility was awful.    So we skied by feel, which was not particularly easy as the pistes were quite lumpy, and you had no idea where to turn.  We were told by guests in Megeve who skied on Jaillet that they had some sunshine!

On Friday we joined them at La Tour, which is at the head of the Chamonix valley and in my experience is always windy.  In fact, as La Tour goes, it wasn't too bad, and we had some sunshine.  We skied piste, powder, wind crust, heavy snow and Avalanche crud!  It was very busy and we had long waits for the lifts.  We spent the afternoon with them and then we all went out to dinner at a restaurant just outside Chamonix.  The food was good but the service was slow and John and I left before the dessert as it had been a long day and it was about an hour's drive home.

Today John and I skied the Rochebrune ridge.  The pistes were lovely and surprisingly empty, considering it is still the Paris holiday.  See picture above, taken at 9.30.  We found some untracked powder when we had given up looking, so that was a bonus.

John has spent a lot of the week on plumbing.  He spent two days trying to sort out a blocked drain at the Rond Point.  He was told by a local plumber that the pipe he was trying to remove had been fixed in permanently, so he ended up having to cut it.  We have also  had a slow leak in our apartment.   Well it started as a slow leak and then John touched it and induced a rather faster leak, so for the last two days we have had to keep turning the water off at the mains.  Anyway, we came back early today and John has now fixed it.  So now we are wondering what it was that caused a fuse to trip on Friday!  There's always something.

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