Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Mont D'Arbois

Now I know where all the people were yesterday - Mont D'Arbois!  We got there early as usual and had most of the pistes to ourselves until about 10am when we headed for Mont Joux.  Because it is a fast chair the queue moves quickly but the queue for the Epaule chair took about 12 minutes.  Anyway, we found some powder off the back of the Epaule ridge which was fun.  We ended up having lunch at Le Gouet.   We sat inside as the air temperature was at about freezing even though it was sunny, but everyone else was opting to eat outside.  My feet were cold so I needed to get warm.  Also, I don't like eating cold food.  So apart from a family of six and the lifties, we were the only people inside the restaurant.  After lunch we skied down to Planellet off piste.  At the top the snow was lovely but the sun had got it a bit lower down and John and I both took a tumble.  It was rather annoying as a ski instructor had taken a family through the trees and they watched us go first.  Still, I am sure they were making a meal of it as it took them a long time to reach the bus stop.  Several of them were children and they did not look very competent skiers.  We thought it was a bit irresponsible of the instructor to take them there, particularly as it is difficult skiing through the trees. The bus took ages to arrive, and when it did it obviously had some problem as it crept down the hill at about 10 miles an hour.  Actually, it was rather nice sitting on the bus and looking at the view.  

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